Is your child struggling to learn in school? Is it affecting her confidence? Are his teachers unable or unwilling to find a teaching method that works?  Have you spent countless hours of research and suspect your child struggles with dyslexia, but cannot find the help your child needs?     Contact Us for More Information.

You aren’t alone.  Despite estimates that 15-20% of the population struggles to some degree with dyslexia, surprisingly few educators and schools understand – or even recognize – these challenges.  Most lack the resources to properly help dyslexic students. The result is that many parents of dyslexic children see their kids bounced back and forth between the medical and educational communities without making meaningful progress, others are told that nothing can be done for their child.

There is hope, and there are solutions. Children with dyslexia simply require different curricula and teaching methods than those found in most schools. They often also require regular one-on-one tutoring to help them master learning methods and subject material. Most of all, they require an educational environment where teachers and administrators understand and embrace their unique needs.

The truth is that with proper instruction, most children with dyslexia can excel at their education.  Holy Cross teachers are trained to recognize their unique challenges and help dyslexic children learn right alongside their peers.  These kids can recover their confidence, and parents can feel that their dyslexic child is getting the support that need and deserve.

We invite you to view our video on dyslexia if you haven’t already, and check out our FAQs page for more information.  If you’ve read this far and feel like this might describe your experience, you can also just give us a call.  Let our knowledgeable staff discuss your family’s specific situation with you. There’s a very good chance we can be of help, or perhaps point you in a direction where you can find help.


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