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Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are geeky oddities included in the backend programming of many (many) software and webtools. Rarely do you stumble on them, but they can be discovered by searching “Easter eggs+[the game]”. Google nerds can’t help themselves and these have become favorite insider knowledge for all Google aficionados. Here are a few:

  • search ‘askew’ and the results will be appropriately tilted
  • search ‘blink’ and the word will blink wherever it is found on the page
  • search ‘zerg rush’ and Google O’s will attack the screen forcing you to protect your hits by clicking on the O’s
  • search ‘flip a coin’ and Google will actually do that for you. Great for a virtual coin toss. This also is true if you search ‘roll the dice’.
  • search ‘play dreidel’ and it’ll spin for about ten seconds